5 Popular Tattoo Removal Techniques

5 Popular Tattoo Removal company Techniques to Consider

Although tattoos were considered a permanent mark on the skin a couple of years ago, today it is possible to have a tattoo removed. Thus, whether you have broken away from a group whose tattoo you are wearing or the tattoo has been a hindrance to the advancement of your career, you can have it removed completely and carry on with life in peace.
Here are some tattoo cover up techniques that you can consider to get rid of your old tattoo and https://tattooremovalexperts.co.uk/tattoo-removal-london.html.

Tattoo Removal Techniques Using Lasers

This is one of the most common Eyebrows Removal techniques today. With this method, lasers are used to target the ink using highly concentrated light that breaks the ink into minute fragments that are cleared from the immune system. Laser tattoo removal requires more than one treatment to destroy the ink. Even then, this means more damage to your skin that might result in blisters and scarring. Laser tattoo removal is not only painful but also costly.

Intense Pulsed Light Therapy and Do-it-Yourself Creams Tattoo Removal Techniques

Intense pulsed light therapy refers to a dermal enhancer that is quite popular with spas. With this tattoo removal technique, high intensity light is used as opposed to laser light. A gel is usually applied on the skin then pulses of light are emitted to the area that is under treatment using a wand effectively removing the ink. Although this method is considered more effective and less painful compared to laser therapy, it is not popular among tattoo removal experts. In addition, this technique is quite costly as a single pulse costs $10 hence you might pay a significant sum of money depending on the recommended number of pulses per session.

There are number of tattoo removal creams that you can apply to get rid of a tattoo. While some of the creams show significant results in terms of fading the tattoo, others have yet to be considered as being effective. Some of the tattoo removal creams that have had a significant outcome include Tattoo-OFF and TatBGone. Even then, it will take several months to see the desired results with most of the creams.

Other Medical Tattoo Removal Techniques

You may consider other medical tattoo removal techniques. However, they are painful and less effective when compared to laser removal. They include:

Dermabrasion – This is where the top layer of the skin is sanded away by way of abrasive friction. This has since been replaced with laser.

Excision – With this method, a tattoo is cut away and the skin is carefully sewn together.

These two methods are known to cause a lot of damage to the skin that often results in severe scarring. As such, they are only used in extreme cases where laser treatment is not an option.